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Within the grant program: Support of Tourism in the Moravian – Silesian Region in 2018

Grant title no. 1: “Support of agrotourism

we received a grant for the project: Construction of a day room with a kitchenette, strengthening of access areas


Everything started with dredging of the soil, then the excavation was covered with stones, smaller stones were poured on the stones, which were compacted. Originally everywhere should be given interlocking pavement, but eventually the price was used asphalt pulp.

Then began preparations for building a kitchen. First, the floors had to be torn off and the plaster in the original room scraped off. After plucking the floors, it was discovered that there was no foundation but clay. So the foundation strips had to be dug by hand, and they were poured out of concrete, with aggregates placed between them, compacted, and then curry was poured everywhere and poured out with concrete. Electricians grooved the wall and pulled out new electricity, the watermen prepared new water and waste.

Then, Ipa, Styrofoam and heating were placed on the floor and the floor was poured with concrete.

The old windows were torn down and the new windows were assembled, then the bricklayers cast new plaster and painted.

And finally we got the kitchen.

As part of this program, visitors’ comfort has been greatly increased, parents can wait for their children in the kitchenette, brew coffee or tea, or prepare a snack for them.



In 2016, we received a subsidy program: Support for tourist areas in the Moravian-Silesian Region, Grant Title 1: “Agrotourism Support”

project subsidy: Construction of social facilities for farm visitors, mobile fences

In the first year, we bought mobile fences for cattle so people could try to manipulate animals.

In the second year there was a social background on the farm. Visitors no longer have to walk to the wc in nature or wash their hands under cold water from the well.

This has greatly increased comfort on the farm.

Thank you very much.